First glance, is Juwel Vision 450 the only choice ?

Because all custom build tanks look like a support with a tank on top, I am mainly looking for a nice piece of furniture to place a tank on top and therefor I am edging towards Juwel for the main part

Juwel Vision 450 looks like a pretty nice and solid choice for something like that. And since the budget I am getting for this project is not infinite it might be the best choice. Further study though are needed since I am not a fan of the filtration system included with all Juwel aquariums. Especially not when keeping larger Cichlids

Epic looking aquarium
Even better from this side
Not 100% sure if the cabinet is assembled perfectly though
Push to open!
151 x 61 x 64 cm
450 liter (water height of max 55 cm)
Black – White – Nuts – Dark Nuts
MultiLux LED 1200

The main competitor for this aquarium is the Aquatlantis Fusion Horizon 150 which keeps about the same contents of water.

Also available in white of course!
Probably someone is wondering in the store why all doors are open 🙂

152,3 x 56 x 143 cm
368 liter
Black – White – Walnut – Concrete – Ash Grey – White oak – Satin Olive
1 x 72 watt

Bioflow XL vs Biobox 3… lets face it, they are both not very good at their jobs…

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