Plans with the new tanks ?

For some time I have been thinking of getting rid of my 2000 liter (500 gallon) tank since to be completely honest. It is too big and bulky for my taste.

With only 3 cichlids in it, it also seems excessive to keep on heating and treating water for that.

That’s why with the extreme makeover of the room, my girlfriend and I decided to (mainly she :p )
get rid of the big tank and look for something to replace it.

Now, giving up 2000 liters is a lot for me and for that, I do want something in return.

Juwel Vision 450

Juwel Rio 350

Juwel Rio 240

Stand with 2 tanks of 160 liter (40 gallon)

In total I will be replacing my huge tank with

450 + 350 + 240 + 320 liters = 1360 liters in different tanks.

At this time I am keeping 1 Parachromis Managuensis and 2 Amphilopus Citrinellum.
5 synodontis and 2 pleco (1 panaque and 1 L…(I cannot remember which L number))

Looking to switch to
Juwel Vision 450 – Peacock / Hap (Malawi tank with no plants)
Filtration will be or using the internal filter that came supplied with it or using a fluval FX6 on it.
Since it is Malawi, I’ll most likely decide for the FX6
The Synocats will go in this tank

Juwel Rio 350 – Central American tank
Salvini or Thorichtis established pair
Might put my Panaque in that tank as well

Juwel Rio 240 – Tanganyikan tank
Most likely with Neolamprologis species (yellow fin on top) + tankmate (not sure which)
Together with some Petricola dwarfs (to keep population under control)
Stand will be the hospital / quarantine tanks

This are all the plans of the moment, might add a little fry rack if I want to raise some babies … not sure yet.

Pictures and movies of breaking down the big tank and setting up the smaller tanks will be documented in this blog for future references.
As well with water test.

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